Grounded 5x5

Be the Creator of Change in Your World

Ignite Your Inner Fire for Change!

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5 weeks to change your habits in 5 key areas of your life

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey, becoming the architect of change in your own world? Welcome to Grounded 5x5, an online challenge designed to empower you to reshape your habits and, in turn, revolutionize your life.

What is GROUNDED 5x5

5 Weeks / 5 Pillars

Participants choose their challenges based on their aspirations and the level of change that they want in their lives. It is a commitment to themselves first.

These are the minimum requirements for the challenge:

No alcohol/drugs

Take a 5-week brake of substances.

Morning routine
(min 15)

Choose a morning routine that empowers you and your day.

Physical Activity
(45 min)

Gym, yoga, walking, running, anything, move every day.


No added sugar/no sugary /drinks or juice / no fried food/ no junk food


Embrace change by enrolling in a new class or joining a fresh group—actively participate in the Grounded 5X5 community. Challenge yourself to step beyond your comfort zone.

Top 10 Benefits of the Challenge

  1. Self-love & connection to a community
  2. Connection to oneself so you can find direction
  3. Time for introspection so you can gain clarity in your life
  4. You will find more clarity in your life and explore your purpose
  5. Improve your health and wellbeing so you can have more energy
  6. Motivation so you can move your life forward
  7. Focus so you can achieve more
  8. Be more intentional daily
  9. Be proud of what you're working on
  10. Profit goes toward helping young adults.

18+ / under 25 years old

and 25 years old +

  • Support to become the Best Version of Yourself
  • Facebook Community
  • Daily Video /awareness (5 to 7 min Content)
  • FB Live every week.
  • Weekly accountability report to be completed.
  • Contract of accountability to sign at the beginning.
  • A chance to win a trip to ONZE 5-day all-inclusive with Karl and collaborators.
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The Challenge

Grounded 5x5 is not just a challenge; it's a call to action. It's an invitation to step into the role of the creator, architect, and director of the change you wish to see in your life. No more waiting for the right moment, seize it now! Become the priority in your life. With this challenge, we guide you towards taking the reins of your destiny and shaping the world around you.

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Habits are the building blocks of our existence. Grounded 5x5 is founded on the principle that small, intentional changes in your daily habits can lead to monumental shifts in your life.

My Story

My name is Karl Gendron, I am the CEO of Solution Thermo, a window repair company based in Quebec. Despite the success I have achieved in my professional activities, I recognized a misalignment in my personal well-being. My lifestyle habits were not conducive to optimal health, and I found myself navigating life's challenges with a sense of imbalance. Frequently experiencing depressive states, I felt like I was not reaching my full potential.

It became evident that I was only tapping into 70% of my true capacity. This realization triggered a transformative journey aimed at improving both my professional achievements and personal well-being, aligning them for a more fulfilling and balanced life.